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Nordbygda Fotball

Medals 2017:
(Slutspill B)
Nordbygda Fotball was one of 52 clubs from Norway that had teams playing during Matrand Cup 2017. Two teams played until in Gruppspel; J13 - 9'er (Født 2004) Ådalsbruk/Nordbygda J13 lost against Kongsvinger IL Fotball Kil J13 by 0-2 and J14 - 9'er (Født 2003) J14 lost against Skotterud IL Eidskog J14 by 0-5.

The area around does also provide 51 additional clubs participating during Matrand Cup 2017 (Among others: Rena Idrettslag, Matrand IL, Magnor UL, Ytre Rælingen ungdoms iddrets lag. YRUIL, Kapp IF, Rena, Slåstad Idrettslag, Rena Idresslag, Funnefoss Vormsund IL and Lena IF).

22 games played


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